Gabriel Vega is in the “target” of Manchester City


On her transfer list Manchester City the 20-year-old is facing the summer Gabriel Vega!

According to the “Daily Mail”, the management of the English Champions have started planning for the team of the next season and in the area of ​​the midfield there are some… gaps. His contract Ilkay Gundogan expires in the summer, and so do the chances of him leaving Bernardo Silva they are not few.

Thus, the “citizens” have turned to the case of the 20-year-old Spaniard of Telta who plays in the center and has aggressive characteristics. This season, he has made 28 appearances, with nine goals and three assists in 1,682 minutes of participation.

There is a 40 million euro clause in his contract and Real Madrid is also looking at his case. In fact, the president of the Spanish team, Carlos Mourinho in his statements, he emphasized that it will be difficult for Vega to remain with the interested parties that exist.

We don’t want to sell Gabry Vega, but they are going to buy him from us. And there’s nothing we can do about it. We know some of his offerings and it’s impossible to match them. There are many teams that want him. Real Madrid; They didn’t ask us, we don’t know if they have contacted the player. Of the top ten Premier League teams, four have contacted him” were Mourinho’s words about the Spanish midfielder.

Edited by: Christos Lois

Source: Sport Fm

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