EPO: “Congratulations to the Youth National Team – Attention will continue to the younger age groups”


Her congratulations to National Youth for qualifying for his finals European Championship gave and public n EPO.

With announcement of the federation bowed to players and coaching staff for the great their feat.

So he wished to stand out and in the big event and pledged that he will continue to give the due attention in the Nationals of the younger ages.

The announcement in detail

“The president, the members of the Executive Committee and the Executive Director of the Hellenic Football Federation congratulate the players, the coach and all the members of the National Youth Team for the great success of the qualification to the final phase of the European Championship of the category.

The talent of the footballers and the correct guidance by coach Anastasios Theos and his associates, combined with the correct planning and organization by the technical director Mr. Konstantinidis and the National Teams department, brought this great distinction.

The management of the Hellenic Football Federation will continue to give due importance and attention to the National Teams of the younger ages.

These are the basis through which players are promoted to the Men’s National Team and the best possible representation of organized football at the international level is achieved.

We wholeheartedly hope that the course of our National Youth Team will end with a great distinction in the final phase of the European Championship this summer in Malta.”

Source: Sport Fm

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