Krstic: “My heart hurts every time I see Printez’s basket from the 2012 final”


After the revelation about what happened in the episodic tournament “Acropolis”The Nenad Krstic he remembered in the same podcast the lost final with her CSKA Moscow in 2012 in Istanbul against Olympic.

The veteran Serb emphasized that his heart hurts every time he sees his winning basket George Printezis at the last second, while he said that this defeat brought radical changes to the “army team”.

CSKA is a team that operates under great pressure. The players feel this pressure because of its history, the big budget, but at the same time they don’t have the support of the fans that, for example, Olympiacos and Partizan have. However, you work under exceptional conditions, so you are completely devoted to basketball. CSKA is always the favorite and therefore has a lot of pressure“, the Serb initially stated in “Jao Mile podcast” and then referred to her final Euroleague 2012:

That season we had just five defeats in all competitions, having played over 70 matches. Our fifth defeat in the final against Olympiakos. We could have won and all stayed with the team, signing multi-year contracts. About a month before the final we had beaten Olympiakos by more than 40 points. After that match I had spoken to Dusan Ivkovic and he had admitted to me that it was one of the heavy defeats of his career and that he felt helpless against the excellent CSKA. In the final we were leading by 19 or 20 points, but in the end we lost. That defined not only that season, but the next as well».

For Printezis’ basket at the end:We should first remember Siskauskas, who made 0/2 shots before the basket. He shot 90% from the line and at that point we were up by one point. Of course, this should not have been the result. But, he followed Printezis’ floater right-handed, while he’s generally left-handed. For that reason, this basket was historic and therefore ranks among the best moments. Every time I see this phase, my heart aches. But, you should be ready to accept these defeats as well. The most painful moment was two years earlier than that, when Teodosic and I had then lost in the World Cup semi-final in exactly the same way, at the last second. These moments don’t just stay in the memory, they stay as scars, because unfortunately in the end it’s always the way you lose and not the way you win».

Source: Sport Fm

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