Next Sunday, PAOK-AEK for first place in the Women’s Volleyball League


EOPE announced on Wednesday the program of the 22nd matchday of the Women’s Volleyball League and named PAOK-AEK, which will decide the first place of the regular season next Sunday, as is the case for and with the remaining five matches.

In detail, the program:

Sunday, April 2, 2023

PAOK Sports Arena, 16.30: P.A.O.K. – A.E.K. Referees: Georgiadis Emm., Tosounidis, Observer: Sidiras, Supervisors: Stavridis, Koukoumakas, Secretariat: Delikostidou.

Gym “A. Fotsis”, 17.30: Elysiakos A.O. – A.O. Aigaleo Referees: Fragakis, Moula Ir., Observer: Tsibinos, Supervisors: Kotsias, Pavlakis, Secretariat: Misiaka.

Markopoulos Gymnasium, 17.30: A.O. Markopoulou Revoil – A.S.P. Appointed Referees: Kyriopoulou, Prentzas, Observer: Perros, Supervisors: Kollarou, Kosmopoulos, Secretariat: Karatzoglidou.

Mikras Gymnasium, 17.30: A.S. Aris – Panathinaikos A.O. Referees: Iskas, Stavrianidis, Observer: Delikostidis, Supervisors: Loumsi, Papadopoulou, Secretary: Panagiotidou.

Gym “M. Merkouri”, 17.30: Olympiacos S.F.P. – A.O. Thiras Referees: Velonis, Rantsiou, Observer: Andronikidis, Supervisors: Ioannou, Georgopoulou, Secretariat: Kaligeri.

Zirineu Gymnasium, 17.30: Z.A.O.N. – A.O. Lamias 2013 Referees: Georgakis, Georgiadis St., Observer: Politis, Supervisors: Stavrati, Kourtesiotis, Secretariat: Pesinoglou.

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