He beat the Astroball but… the Red Star was eliminated!


Sorry for him Red Star!

The Serbs left with the “double” from her headquarters Villerban (60-76) and rose to 15-17, however the rest of the results led to their mathematical exclusion from the Euroleague!

The match was a derby for three quarters, but the fourth quarter belonged universally to his team Dusko Ivanovicwho may have been disqualified, but showed an impressive face in many matches this year.

The leader of the match was Ognien Dobrichwho scored 18 points, while 10 had o Bentil and an equal number of Bulldozer (8 assists). Exuberant o Campacho with 11 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists.

For Villerban, he stood out De Colo with 14 points and o De Bost with 11 points.

The match

The Serbs with their protagonists Dobrich and Bedil entered the match stronger and led 9-12. THE Villerban began to find a rhythm led by him De Colo, taking a 19-15 lead of her own. Finally, the first period ended with a score of 19-17.

In the second quarter, again the Reds were better at the start, recovering with them Holland and Bulldozer the lead (19-23). Bost responded to put the French ahead 25-23 before the home team went on an 8-0 run that put them at +6 for the first time (36-30), with Matthews sending them to +10 as well ( 42-32). Finally, the half ended with Vildosa leading 42-37.

The third quarter started like the first two, with Red coming out strong and regaining the lead with Bentil and Markovic (46-48). The match continued to be a derby throughout the third period, when in the final minutes Petrusev and Campacho they brought the Red to 53-56.

The fourth period belonged universally to his team Dusko Ivanovic. The Red Star started the quarter with a partial score of 9-0, which brought the difference to +12 thanks to the “hot” Dobrich. Villerban stuck to the attack and was left with just one point for more than 5 minutes in the last period, as a result of which the difference escaped up to 15 points for the “red and whites” (55-70). Somewhere there, the match with him ended Red Star to reach victory.

The quarters: 19-17, 42-37, 53-36, 60-76

Detailed match statistics

Source: Sport Fm

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