Olympiacos-PAOK: A clash against the backdrop of the Cup Winners’ title!


Final time in Kalamata! Olympiacos and PAOK will compete tonight at 21:30 (ERT3, sport-fm.gr, News Bulletin 247) the Greek Cup title for 2023 after their triumphant qualifiers against Milos and Panathinaikos respectively.

The typical host Olympic after the easy victory with 3-0 sets against the team of Nea Smyrni, will claim the 17th trophy of in the institution. The “red and white” are in an excellent situation as after its conquest Challenge Cup they want to scan all remaining titles. His team Alberto Giulianimeters 11 wins in the last 12 matches with his presence in the final sealing the excellent work that has been done this season. This will be the 23rd appearance of Olympiakos in the Cup final and first after the 2017 when he had won 3-1 against Kifissia in Alexandreio, Thessaloniki.

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On the other hand, PAOK did it “3 in 3” against Panathinaikos winning the semifinals 3-1 set and will find himself in the final for the fifth time in his history and fourth in the last nine years. The “double head of the north” counts four conquests, while he is one step away from the finals of the Volley League after leading the series 2-0 against Panathinaikos. The coach of the team Josko Milekonskihas plenty of reason to be happy as Bram Van Der Dries and Alexandros Raptis are in excellent form and capable of deciding the outcome of the title.

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This will be the third meeting of the two teams in the final of the Greek Cup with the victories being shared in the previous two as the 1983 Olympiacos won the trophy by winning 3-1 sets, while the 2015 PAOK was the big winner with the same score.

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