Olympiacos-Panathinaikos: The “red and white” for the title, to keep the “clover” alive


Olympic and Panathinaikos cross their swords in room 5 of the SEF for the third final of the A1 women’s championship (14:00), with the “red and white” looking for a victory for the title and the “green” getting ready for a “your death or my life”.

The Piraeus team has won both the previous finals and combined with the 1-1 regular time draw, they are in 3-1 and with a positive result they will reach the 7th championship of their history.

In the context of the match, the coach of Olympiakos, Thanos Niklas stated: “Another game in the series of finals at our home, against Panathinaikos. Everything that has been done so far, for us belongs to the past and we focus on giving 100% for the desired result. We will give our soul for the positive result and with the support of our fans, to achieve our main goal”. while Anna-Niki Stamolambrou pointed out:

“After yesterday’s away win against Panathinaikos, we lead the series 3-1. We need one more win to win the league, our main goal. As we have said, it will be a difficult game, in which we must remain focused for 40 minutes in defense and in attack. We are ready to give 100% for the victory and the conquest of the title”.

On the other hand, the greens have their backs against the wall and must surpass themselves in order to change the facts and be the ones who will, in the end, conquer the title. Of course, something like this will not be easy, but not impossible.

The players of the “clover” were quite competitive in both previous games of the series, while in the second final they had also gained a very good difference in the score, which they lost in the last minutes. In any case, the whole of Eleni Capogianni goes to Faliro with the intention of doing it first step and stay alive to win the title. If the Cup winners succeed, they will host the next match on Thursday (6/4, 6:30 p.m.) at “Pavlos Giannakopoulos”.

Source: Sport Fm

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