Partizan-Panathinaikos: To end the negative year with a positive sign


Closes for him Panathinaikos the year in Euroleague!

The “greens” face it They were partisans in Belgrade for the 34th matchday of the Euroleague (9:30 p.m., NovaSports Prime), in a match with one-sided scoring interest.

THE Panathinaikos with a record of 11-22, it has already said goodbye to the continuation of the competition for several games, however, it wants to close the year with a victory, so as to ensure at least one as decent placement as possible. At the same time, his team Christou Serelis is now preparing for the Basketball League playoffs, therefore matches against quality teams such as They were partisans they are always very useful for psychology.

The Serbians, on the other hand, have secured qualification to the next phase, however they still do not know their ranking, something very important since it will determine their opponent in the playoffs. Partizan is certain that it cannot finish eighth, but it is playing between sixth and seventh place, and with a win it will definitely be sixth.

However, Christos Serelis will not be able to count on a full roster this time either. And that’s because Paris Lee and Matt Thomas were left out of the mission.

In particular, the former received a blow below the left knee during training on Thursday (14/3), in the place where he had also hit in the match with Colossus of Rhodes. While the second has been feeling discomfort in his left knee since Wednesday (12/3) which did not subside today, as a result of which he was also knocked out of the match against the Serbian team.

On the contrary, the pleasant news for him Christos Serelis it had to do with the fact that Lefteris Mantzoukas, who was absent the previous days with an injury, traveled to Serbia.

“It is a very bad season for Panathinaikos. Under no circumstances should the team be indifferent, we must be competitive. It’s the last matchday of the Euroleague and we have to be ready to play a tough game. Especially in Belgrade and in this game Partizan needs it. It’s a game that can help us in the Basket League playoffs”the Greek coach said ahead of this match.

Source: Sport Fm

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