AEK: Tickets for the third semi-final with Panathinaikos

AEK: Tickets for the third semi-final with Panathinaikos

Tickets for the third and final match of the semi-final series against Panathinaikos on Wednesday (15:30) at “Apostolos Kontos” were made available to AEK fans.

In detail, the announcement states:

AEK informs its fans about the tickets for the match between the women’s volleyball team and Panathinaikos, for the third and last semi-final of the championship (Wednesday 26/04, 15:30, AEK AC TV broadcast) at the “Apostolos Kontos” Indoor Gymnasium in New Philadelphia:

1) Due to the small capacity of our stadium, the availability of the small number of tickets will be made EXCLUSIVELY from the Amateur Offices, on Monday 24/4 (11:00-17:00), on Tuesday 25/04 (11 :00-17:00) and on Wednesday 26/04 (11:00-13:00).

2) It is clarified that there will be NO tickets at the Closed “Apostolos Kontos”. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to approach the Closed for anyone who does not have a match ticket.

3) Of course, season ticket holders (All Sports AEK and Volleyball) will also have the right to enter “Apostolos Kontos” directly. Therefore, we kindly request the TERM HOLDERS to contact the AEK Amateur offices by phone (210-2584582) in order to be registered on the match list.

4) Entry to the Closed “Apostolos Kontos” will be strictly and only with the presentation of a ticket and a police ID or passport and after a check by the police forces.

5) The entrance to the stadium will open one hour before the start of the match (14:30).

6) Very strict checks will be carried out on the fans to exclude the transportation of prohibited or other dangerous items inside the Indoor Gymnasium.

7) Entry of fans with placards or banners with unsportsmanlike/provocative/abusive content is prohibited.

Friend and friend of our AEK. And in this derby, you will become the “7th player” of our team and support it, as only you know and can.

IT IS CLARIFIED that any lighting of even… half a smoke generator, will constitute a “criminal act” against our team as it will cause the game to be stopped, AEK to be nullified, our headquarters sure to be punished and the loss of our big goal, which is the DOUBLE. We sit in our seat, we do not enter the field of play, we do not use laser devices.


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