SL2: €2.5m from team bet – Payouts from 8/5


Meeting with the new president of Super League 2, Petros Hammerhad today (26/04) at noon the Deputy Minister of Sports, Lefteris Eugenakis.

Mr. Marchoukos informed the Deputy Minister about the decisions of the Board of Directors, by which:

A) The PAEs of SL2 accept the criteria and conditions set by the KYA (Government Gazette B’ 704, 10/02/2023) in order for the AAEs to be financed by the permanent support mechanism, through the taxation of the winnings of the players of games of chance.

It is recalled that these relate to financing:

-AAEs that have a Certificate of Participation from the EEA,

-AAE not involved in Sport Radar Reports.

For those AAEs involved in Referrals, their funding is suspended until EPATHLA examines them and issues a Finding.

The suspension of funding remains as long as the EPATHLA Finding is forwarded for further investigation by the Sports Prosecutor and the Ethics Committee of the EPO

B) The PAEs of SL2 are committed to limiting the number of participating teams in their league, in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the organization and to ensure the viability of the PAEs.

Specifically, the Championship of the season 2024-2025 will be held with 20 teamsas the announcement of the 2023-2024 season (organization with 26 teams) will provide that 10 of them will be relegated and 4 from the 3rd National Team will go up.

With regards to the amount of funding, from the permanent support mechanism, through the taxation of the profits of the players of games of chance, Mr. Avgenakis informed Mr. Martsoukos that cfor SL2 amounts to a total of €2,542,000 (€105,916.67 for each of the 24 PAE beneficiaries – excluding the B’ groups of SL1 PAE and Apollo Larissa and Herodotus, which have withdrawn, but did not have a Certificate of Participation from the EEA).

It was also agreed that the disbursement procedures will start from Monday 8 May, so that by then there will be a more complete picture of how many and which PAEs will collect directly and which PAEs will have their share withheld due to their involvement in the Sport Radar reports .

Source: Sport Fm

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