Notice of protest of Panathinaikos in the shooting


The announcement in detail:

“The Panathinaikos Athletic Club is positioned in relation to what is taking place in the field of shooting.

Following our letter dated 11/4/2023 regarding the cancellation of the Panhellenic competition “3×20 Team NA” for which we did not receive any response, we are in the unpleasant position of returning to the matter.

On Sunday 4/23/2023, the Panhellenic “Air Pistol NG Team” match was scheduled, officially posted on the Federation’s competition schedule.

The SKOE, with an official document posted on its website, announced the athletes’ boxes of the four (4) teams that had declared participation.

To our great surprise, on the day of the match, we were informed, verbally, by officials of the federation that the match is canceled (illegally) due to the lack of a quorum of the teams (there were only 3 teams out of the 4 declared).

Finally, after intense reactions from actors, athletes, and athletes’ companions, the match was held normally.

Following the above, we want to ask a few questions again:

• On what grounds was the match held since 2 weeks ago for exactly the same reasons you decided not to hold the corresponding match (3×20 Team NA)

• Who ultimately decides and by what criteria are the relevant decisions taken?

• Was there any cancellation and if so when and how did the federation become aware of it.

• What actions did the federation take to officially inform those involved

groups – associations”.

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