Demis: “Panathinaikos will not be… PAOK against AEK”


Demis Nicolaidis focused on the performance of Daniel Mancini and the simultaneous formation of Sporar and Ioannidis, commenting on Novasports victory of Panathinaikos in Volos (0-2). Regarding Sunday’s “final” with AEK in Leoforos, he emphasized that the “yellow and black” should not expect an approach similar to yesterday’s PAOK.

Mancini was all the money. Thanks to him the game became easy, especially the second one was amazing. Panathinaikos lost an entire half, but in the first half they had against the wind, which destroyed so many of their attacks. In the second half he was lucky to score early and take the pressure off. The good thing for Panathinaikos is that both Ioannidis and Sporar are now in shape. He has two forwards who score, but also a Bernard and a Kourbelis who have risen a lot“, he commented.

As for Sunday’s big match, which can also decide the title? “It will be an incredibly interesting match. Neither of them will be able to extract all the advantages we see. Some will be thwarted by the opponent. The one who manages to thwart the most will probably win. Details will make the difference, psychology, things like that“, he said and added: “Panathinaikos will not be the… PAOK of Opap Arena, they will play more direct football. I’m happy about this year’s championship because I don’t know who will win».

Source: Sport Fm

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