Budenholzer: “I wouldn’t use the word failure, but we are disappointed”


Mike Budenholzer disagreed with the word “failure” after the exclusion of the Bucks by the Heat in the first round of the playoffs. At the same time, he gave credit to Miami and Jimmy Butler, stressing that he has faith in his team, but everyone needs to get better.

In detail, the coach of the Bucks spoke about:

– the exclusion of Bucks: “There’s a lot of disappointment when your season ends, however it happens. It’s a hard feeling. We all have to get better. We had many chances to finish the game, but we didn’t. They are to be congratulated in Miami, they played great and they have a program that I have a lot of respect for with Coach Spoelstra.”

– the downward trend that Giannis had during the match: “Yiannis has reached some of the positions he feels comfortable in, but he remains the player we give the ball to. We just weren’t as accurate as we should have been. I don’t think we lacked confidence. Well done to the Miami defense, we have to get better.”

-the reason he didn’t use Giannis over Butler in defense: “Congratulations to Butler as well, he played at a very high level in all games. We used a lot of players on him, they all tried, but he was very good. We went with Jrue, we thought he would give us the best chance. We tried other players on it, but it didn’t work.

-if the season is a failure: “I understand the question. This team has very high expectations, John Horst (general manager) built a great roster, management did everything they had to do, we did a good job getting first place in the regular season, but all that matters is the playoffs. We are disappointed, irritated, hurt… I wouldn’t use the word failure. I love this team, these guys and I have faith in them. We didn’t make it.”

Source: Sport Fm

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