Exum left supported and with bruises on his face from the murderous grip of Giabuseli!


Unbelievable what happened in the finale of the match between Real Madrid and Partisan!

Specifically, just before the end of the match and with the score at 95-80 in favor of the Serbs, the players of the two teams came to hand, with the parquet being transformed in the ring and the punches and fists let it rain!

One of the most shocking images of this of… kick patina who toured Europe, but also the entire basketball world, was Greco-Roman handle of Yabuselli to Dante Exum, with the French player of Real throwing the American to the floor in a very rude manner.

Indicative of… this murderous action of the Madrid forward was the fact that the 27-year-old Partizan guard left supported from the playing field, having in fact bruises on his face and left eye…

Source: Sport Fm

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