PAOK-Olympiakos: For the “black and white” to stay alive, the “red and white” for the title


The action of the Volley League finals continues at the PAOK Sports Arena, with PAOK hosting Olympiacos (28/4, 19:15) in the 4th of them, with the “red and whites” leading 2-1.

The “black and white” want victory at all costs to stay alive in the title battle, while on the other hand, Alberto Giuliani’s team wants the positive result to celebrate winning the title in four games and so that the series does not have to return to Rentis’ closed.

It is recalled that in the third final, the team from Piraeus made the upset and winning 3-2 in the tie break, reached 2-1 and is now looking for a victory to win the championship.

“We feel ready to give the fourth final. In the previous games, there was a lot of balance, so I hope that the referees will not depend on the crowd.” were his words Alberto Giulianiin the context of the match.

Statements were also made by Raphael Koumentakis, who stated: “We go to Thessaloniki as if it is the last game and we have to win it. Clearly, PAOK has also shown that they are very good, let alone at home. From the beginning, we should be very focused and very composed in how we will manage the match and in the tactics we will follow, in order to finish the series”.

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