“Sweet” defeat in the Netherlands and qualification for the Euro for the National handball team!

“Sweet” defeat in the Netherlands and qualification for the Euro for the National handball team!

She wrote history National handball team! The “blue and white” may have been defeated in the Netherlands 32-26but he didn’t pay it and qualified for first time in the final phase of his European Championship 2024 as one of the best thirds of the qualifiers!

The Oranie dictated his pace from the start, taking the lead 3-1 and managed to lead by up to seven goals in the 24th minute (14-7). Our National Team then reduced the score with a 3-0 run for 14-10, with the halftime finding the Dutch in front at 17-11.

In the replay, the picture did not change with the Netherlands taking advantage of the instability of the Greek defense and reaching +10 (24-14). Our representative group managed to get a reaction and reduce the difference to single digit levels, knowing in the end an unrequited defeat (32-26) which brought her to the European championship together with the Netherlands and Croatia, as the Turkey was defeated in Skopje (30-25) and was out.

The five minutes: 3-1, 6-3, 10-5, 12-7, 14-8, 17-11 (day), 19-11, 23-14, 26-17, 28-20, 29-24, 32- 26

Netherlands (Olson): Ravensbergen, Stavast, Ten Velde 3, Sonaker, Staines 3, Benghanem 3, Sagen, Cui 1, N. Versteinen 3, G. Schmitz, Claessens 1, K. Schmitz 9, Janssen 2, Vink 1, Baigens 6, A. Versteinen.

Greece (Zaravinas): Bukovinas 1, Kostakidis, Liapis 1, Mylonas 6, Mallios 4, Passias 2, Toskas 2, Papavasilis, Tziras 1, Kandylas, Papadionisiou 1, Kritikos, Tsanaxidis, Arabatzis 1, Savvas 7, Papantonopoulos.

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