They remained at 0-0 and… a fight to the end for Panathinaikos and AEK!


Panathinaikos and AEK remained at 0-0in the great Leoforos derby, as part of the 7th matchday of the Stoiximan Super League playoffs.

The “yellow and black” were better, having two goals with him Cumber -in a phase that started from Garcia’s offside- at 3′ and at 25′but they were unable to capitalize on their superiority in a “three point”.

With the overstressed “clover” recording a great opportunity with him Sporar in the 45th minute and to have justified complaints from the non-expulsion of Mukudi, both in the delays of the first part, and in the 82′.

Thus, Panathinaikos remained at the top of the standings, with 76 points, the same as AEK. which he “has” in the draw, howeverand the title to be judged every week from now on…

In the… minds of the coaches:

Ivan Jovanovic “brought down” Panathinaikos with a formation 4-3-3, Brignoli in the goalposts and Kochira, Schenkefeld, Magnusson and Huancar in the back. While Kourbelis, Ruben and Cerin formed the three midfielders in the axis, with Palacios and Bernard “supporting” from both ends Sporar who played at the top of the attack.

Matias Almeida on the other hand, he lined up AEK also with a system 4-4-2. Athanasiadis sat in goal, having Rota, Vida, Mukudi and Hadjisafi four at the back. Galanopoulos and Ionson in the midfield duo, Eliasson on the right in the midfield line, Gatsinovich and Zuber on the left next to Garcia in the attack.

The match:

The intensity, passion and suffocating pressure of both teams up top was evident from the first whistle. With the AEK to enter strongly and to register the first big chance, just in the 3rd minute…

When, due to Juancar’s inability to clear the ball inside the area, Eliasson countered, the ball rose high and Cumber did her head which stopped at right beam of Brignoli, who blocked in second time! Of course, if this opportunity resulted in a goal, data would be checked for offside by Garcia, who was exposed at the start of the phase.

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Panathinaikos struggled to move the ball properly, “building” attacks with his familiar style, but also to deal effectively with Garcia. In the 9th minute, the visitors saw Galanopoulos’ shot from outside the area go just over the crossbar.

The injury of Rota by Bernard, three minutes later, without being done on purpose, led on the one hand to the stoppage of the match and the “freezing” of the rhythm. On the other hand, the forced change of AEK’s right back, in the 21st minute, with Pineda replacing him… blow and set.

The “clover” tried to hit on the counterattack twice within a minute: in the 28th minute, with Palasios and Sporar not communicating properly, but also in the very next phase when from a change of play by Palasios and a pass by Kourbelis for Sporar, Vida effectively countered the latter’s shot.

As time ticked on, “Union” continued to control the game, having thrown all their weight on their right wing and in the 35th minute wasted another chance to take the lead.

By Cumber to do the individual energy and with a shot in the area to send the ball again on the right beam of the opponent’s goal, while in the return of the ball Eliasson made the place but Brignoli blocked on the line!

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Another good moment followed in the 40th minute from a fine move by Garcia, but Gacinovic’s finish was poor and weak, allowing Brignoli to block.

While Panathinaikos – who rose somewhat in the last minutes – was the one who had the last great missed opportunity and their first for 1-0, in the 45th minute. When from Bernard’s foul execution and head of Sporar from the height of the small area, o Athanasiadis he parried instinctively for a corner!

{“@context”:””,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”ΠΑΟ – ΑΕΚ | Τρομερή ενστικτώδης επέμβαση Αθανασιάδη στην κεφαλιά του Σπόραρ”,”description”:”ΠΑΟ – ΑΕΚ | Τρομερή ενστικτώδης επέμβαση Αθανασιάδη στην κεφαλιά του Σπόραρ”,”thumbnailUrl”:”×540″,”duration”:”PT39S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-04-30T17:57:14.000Z”,”embedUrl”:””,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:”[email protected]”,”width”:136,”height”:146}}}

De Sporar also starred in the fifth minute of stoppage time in the first half, when he quickly ran into the opposition, Mukudi cut him off with a free kick, but he didn’t see the yellow card that would have been the secondwith the hosts protesting vehemently…

{“@context”:””,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”ΠΑΟ – ΑΕΚ | Το μαρκάρισμα του Μουκουντί στον Σπόραρ “,”description”:”ΠΑΟ – ΑΕΚ | Το μαρκάρισμα του Μουκουντί στον Σπόραρ “,”thumbnailUrl”:”×540″,”duration”:”PT40S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-04-30T18:03:21.000Z”,”embedUrl”:””,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:”[email protected]”,”width”:136,”height”:146}}}

The second half began with Mancini replacing Cerin, in an attempt by Ivan Jovanovic to make his team more creative by playing him out wide on the left and moving Bernard on the axis.

However, it was again AEK who, playing visibly more freely, got close to the goal first. First in 54′, with Zuber not being able to make the projection from a diagonal position and to the left, after being stuffed by Gacinovic.

And then in the very next minute, thanks to Schenkefeld’s life-saving tackle in a nearby place Galanopouloswith which he sent the ball into the arms of Brignoli!

{“@context”:””,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”ΠΑΟ – ΑΕΚ | Σωτήρια παρέμβαση Σένκεφελντ στο σουτ του Γαλανόπουλου”,”description”:”ΠΑΟ – ΑΕΚ | Σωτήρια παρέμβαση Σένκεφελντ στο σουτ του Γαλανόπουλου”,”thumbnailUrl”:”×540″,”duration”:”PT32S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-04-30T18:31:15.000Z”,”embedUrl”:””,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:”[email protected]”,”width”:136,”height”:146}}}

With our completion of game time, Jovanovic also put Ioannidis-Kleinheisler in the match, with the second passing left winger and Mancini to “replace” Bernard, but without getting things on the pitch, since his players were looking to attack directly with long balls, easy to neutralize.

The entrance of Tsokai instead of Palacios brought about the presence of Mancini on the right “wing” and the first in the trio of midfielders of the “greens”. Who saw from a set ball in Mancini’s 72′, the unmarked Kourbelis at the second post, unable to find the ball with projection…

Matias Almeida “answered”, making his team more aggressive, with the triple substitution of Amrabat, Mandalou and Fernandes in the 75th minute, playing all for the “double”.

However, it was Panathinaikos who threatened first, in the 76th minute, as from Mancini’s corner and Athanasiadis’ clearance, Tsokai shot from outside the area to send the ball narrowly wide!

Another foul by Mukudi on Ioannidis, in the 82nd minute, was given without a yellow card by Dias, with AEK continuing and completing the derby with 11 men, with the 0-0 also being maintained until the end.

{“@context”:””,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”ΠΑΟ – ΑΕΚ | Το μαρκάρισμα του Μουκουντί στον Ιωαννίδη “,”description”:”ΠΑΟ – ΑΕΚ | Το μαρκάρισμα του Μουκουντί στον Ιωαννίδη “,”thumbnailUrl”:”×540″,”duration”:”PT44S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-04-30T18:57:05.000Z”,”embedUrl”:””,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:”[email protected]”,”width”:136,”height”:146}}}

MVP: Levi García was undoubtedly AEK’s top player, since Zuber who also excelled had two goals, so he is also considered… fatal. However, since neither of the two scored a goal, one can say that Ioannidis was equally positive for Panathinaikos, as his team also improved during his presence.

The… whistle: Artur Soares Dias showed a willingness to let the match be played without interruption up to a point, even at the limit of the foul. However, on two occasions he handed Mukudi a second yellow card, while the same applies to Vida, who fouled Csokai and not only was he not shown a yellow card, which would have sent him off the field, but the Portuguese referee showed and… out.

The compositions of the two teams:

Panathinaikos (Ivan Jovanovic): Brignoli, Kotsiras, Senkefeld, Magnusson, Huancar, Cerin (46′ Mancini), Ruben, Kourbelis (89′ Verbic), Palacios (72′ Csokai), Sporar, Bernard.

Left on the bench: Lodingin, Pouhats, Ioannidis, Kleinheisler, Sanchez, Sarlia.

AEK (Matias Almeida): Athanasiadis, Rota (21′ Pineda), Vida, Mukudi, Hadjisafi, Eliasson (75′ Fernandes), Galanopoulos (75′ Mandalos), Jonsson (69′ Simanski), Gatsinovic (74′ Amrabad), Garcia, Zuber.

Left on the bench: Stankovic, Mitoglou, Tzavellas, Van Weert.

Referee: Arthur Soares Dias (Portugal).

Assistants: Pedro Ribeiro, Paulo Soares (Portugal).

Fourth referee: Aggelos Evangelou (Athens).

VAR: Thiago Martins (Portugal).

AVAR: Andreas Fotopoulos (Athens).

See here the description of the match from the Match Centre

Source: Sport Fm

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