The moment Brignoli and Levi that can decide a championship


The most exciting championship of the last (many) years does not say to be… judged by anything before its time. The derby between Panathinaikos and AEK yesterday (0-0) it did not produce a winner, who would gain a clear lead for the title. At the same time, however, he maintained the lead of the “greens” in the draw. And if the balance does not change in the three remaining matches, then a phase that took place on… January 8 may prove to be decisive for who will lift the cup.

We are talking about the Stoiximan Super League regular season clash at the Opap Arena, where AEK won 1-0, but missed a golden opportunity to win 2-0. In 98′ Paolo Fernandez had won a penalty from Bart Schenkefeld, however Alberto Brignoli had saved Levi Garcia’s shot in the… 100′.

If “Union” had scored in this particular phase and had won 2-0, they would have had a lead in the tie between the two teams, as they had been defeated 2-1 in the first round game, while there was no winner in the two playoff matches ( 0-0). So with absolute balance in the first criteria (the two teams from one win and a total score of 2-2 in the four games), Panathinaikos has an advantage in the tie because it finished first in the regular season of the championshipwith a difference of two points from AEK.

Remember the phase that may decide the championship:

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