Athanasiou: “Time to help Panathinaikos and players who have not done so – It will go to changes”


He needs a push from football players who have not given him until now Panathinaikos in the… final with PAOK, especially in the axis due to the many problems, as he pointed out in his “air” News Bulletin 247 Nikos Athanasiou.

Kourbelis is out for Panathinaikos’ match with PAOK. It seemed the day before yesterday that Ruben could not press it well, we will see today if he will be in the squad, he has a chance. Cerin is fine, so one less headache for Jovanovic. It is time for Panathinaikos to get things in the axis from players who have not given so far. In the defense Sarlia helped the attack also with Ioannidis, in the midfield a condition has been formed that we might see Kleinheisler from the beginning or Tsokai, who is also fine after the concussion he had. I see changes, apart from the forced ones, I think Jovanovic will rest a player or two. It will be an “emergency 11” but it is a final match and those who play must give their all“, he said among other things.

At the same time, the reporter of the station pointed out that at the top of the attack of the “greens” will start the Ioannidiswhile also Juancar he’s been… in the red for quite some time, so maybe he’ll be left out.

Listen to the audio:

Source: Sport Fm

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