Tsorbatzoglou: “Impossible for Tyson, maybe for Augusto with Panathinaikos”


No chance for Tyson and few for Augusto Dimitris Tsorbatzoglou to be on his mission PAOK for Wednesday’s match against Panathinaikos at Leoforos, as he pointed out to News Bulletin 247.

Tyson seems to have caught the bruise. I don’t see how he will play against Panathinaikos tomorrow. Ingason and Narey are definitely out, but we will see today whether Augusto will be included in the squad for tomorrow’s game. Today we will see if Kargas will return after his apology. PAOK will have to play with these absences. He has a good image this year against this opponent, it suits him. The great thing about PAOK is that they have conceded 15 goals in the six playoff matches, as many as they had conceded in the entire regular season“, he emphasized.

Management is very important for PAOK, because in the background there is the Cup final. At least everyone must be present there. This should also apply to PAOK-Olympiakos on May 14, which will probably be the final for third place. Whatever PAOK can get tomorrow and Sunday in Volos, can offer them the possibility to even go for two results in the last match against Olympiakos“, he added.

Source: Sport Fm

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