Garcia: “My contract with PAOK is ending, we’ll see what changes will come in our lives”

Garcia: “My contract with PAOK is ending, we’ll see what changes will come in our lives”

His future was mentioned by Pablo Garcia.

His technician PAOK B’ spoke to Meso de España on the occasion of the apotheosis he received from the people of Osasuna as a member of the previous team that had reached the final of the Cup. There, therefore, he emphasized that his contract with the “black and white” ends at the end of the season and from then on it remains to be seen what will happen.

I have been a coach at PAOK for many years. I started with U17, U19. Then I was in the first team for a period of seven months, we won the Greek Cup and finished second. Now I’m in the second group. My contract is ending now and we will see what changes will come in our lives.

I have been in Thessaloniki for 15 years. It’s something special. This is where I finished my career and they opened the door for me to start as a coach. I have friends here, my children have built their lives in the city…“, he initially noted.

Then, he also referred to the way of approaching children in football. “There are stages, you have to let a 9-10 year old boy develop his technique on his own without telling him anything. You have to teach him to think, not tell him to do this. We are not machines. We have to let them make a mistake and then explain the mistake to them why they made it and how they should improve it. Give him a guide. I give my players freedom, sensible but freedom. They will be wrong. And in the first group they are wrong. And in a team of champions they make mistakes. As a player I liked the freedom. They gave me freedom. This is football, freedom. Play the ball you like. The good thing about playing football is that you enjoy it, without being told what to do. You have to have fun, always responsibly.

I was playing barefoot, I don’t know if it was good. Now, everything hurts! I have problems everywhere. My father didn’t have money to give me shoes, so I played barefoot. For example, in PAOK there are players who earn their money, are professionals and relax. Others earn money and are hungry to succeed, to hear and to improve. It has more to do with hunger for success. This happens everywhere!

I was at Milan and the players who won everything ran faster than anyone else, wanted to keep winning and were humble. Then in Venice, we were fighting to avoid relegation with players who thought they were of a high standard but really weren’t. It’s not about whether you have a lot or a little. The issue is whether you want to be a footballer or not“, underlined Garcia.

Source: Sport Fm

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