Panathinaikos AO for OAKA concession: “Historical moment, D. Giannakopoulos achieved the impossible”


Only a few hours after the announcement of the signing of the contract between KAE Panathinaikos and OAKA, the Panathinaikos Athletic Club issued a statement, through which on the one hand it expressed its enthusiasm for the developments in this matter, and on the other hand it emphasized the enormous contribution of Dimitris Giannakopoulos.

The relevant announcement in detail:

“The Panathinaikos Athletic Club enthusiastically welcomes the decision to award the OAKA title to the greatest team that Greek sports has ever produced.

Justice has finally been served and the biggest club in the country is gradually acquiring its own facilities in all sports. The “trefoil” men’s basketball department has given the greatest successes of all the Club’s sports, has nurtured countless generations of “green” fans and will always be the pride of all Panathinaikos.

A few years after the completion of 100 years since the establishment of the department, Mr. Dimitris Giannakopoulos – who was the main helper in the revival of AO – managed after years of painstaking efforts to ensure the present and future of KAE Panathinaikos and at the same time spread joy , jubilation and vision to the millions of fans of the Club.

His own actions accomplished what for decades seemed impossible and history will rank him as a worthy successor of the great Giannakopoulos family. This particular agreement is the guarantee that sooner or later the Stars will become more. Somewhere up there, Pavlos, Thanasis and Kostas Giannakopoulos are smiling widely today…

Panathinaikos is coming back at all levels”.

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