Athanasiou: “Panathinaikos is pushing next month – Creation and easy goals are important”


To find players capable of creating and with an “easy” goal must, in the first phase, o Panathinaikos as commented by Nikos Athanasiou through him News Bulletin 247on the occasion of his transcriptional enhancement.

Panathinaikos will charge next month and that is what they are obliged to do. Yiannis Alafouzos also said it yesterday, he will move to close three to four first line players immediately. It is reasonable to wonder which positions will be prioritized, in my humble opinion, we are talking about two central midfielders, a stopper and a right back. Ideally, before the team leaves for the preparation, they should have taken them, Panathinaikos needs them. This year is the right time to do what was not done last year, upgrade to the center of the defense. Also, the image of Kotsiras was problematic this year, with the clover needing an upgrade, while the greater weight must fall on the axis and especially on the creative part. If there’s one thing we have to recommend, it’s the easy goal. Panathinaikos had to make a very good partnership in order to score or threaten and that must change“, he said about it.

On the occasion of the future of Bernard and Verbich in the “clover”, the reporter of the station pointed out that the past has shown that Ivan Jovanovic is a coach who hardly makes significant changes and gives second chancesas he expects to happen with the specific ones.

Asked about him LingrAthanasiou noted that he is a very good player and his characteristics “click” with what Panathinaikos is looking for.

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Source: Sport Fm

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