Almeida: “I’m not thinking about River, I’m only thinking about AEK”

Almeida: “I’m not thinking about River, I’m only thinking about AEK”

He “screams” that he is devoted to AEK Matias Almeida. Matias Almeida gave an interview to “ESPN” and made it clear that he only has the “yellow and black” in mind.

It was my first experience in Europe and to end it like this (including the first season) is very important. I’m happy“, emphasized the 49-year-old technician: “I live in the present. I want to continue my career as a coach as I did as a player. I go to places where I feel that they love me, that will respect my projects and my time. There is nothing magical about football. In three games you are not going to discover anything. I believe in long term work and I take the risk».

In a question he received about whether he would return to the technical leadership of his beloved River Plate: “I’m not thinking about River. I only think about the team I lead. We are going to play in the Champions League. My goals are different. My desire is different. I’ve already been to River. I gave it my all. I don’t think I can give anything more. I liked what Gagliardo did, what Demichelis is doing now. Now I’m a fan of the team. “I” cannot defeat me. I need to know how to say no. I enjoyed the good times, but I think my time at River is over».

He then stated:I’m tired of talking about what happened 12 years ago. I think my career is very important. I feel like what I’m doing is being downgraded. I was where I needed to be, I gave what I had to give as a player and as a River fan. I have another final in a week».

At the same time, about the coaches he had in his career: “I’ve had great coaches that I’ve taken a lot of good things from and I’ve taken a little bit from everyone. Football is also changing. But there are things that remain the same and I appreciate them. I used to have terrible coaches in my career“, argued the Argentinian technician, who always has his beloved dad in his heart. “I live and think about my father. THE death of my father, changed my life. I was very angry at the way he passed away from Covid. I miss her every day. He was a good and honest man.”

Source: Sport Fm

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