Zervas: “He has to play with the mind of James, the most experienced Olympiacos”


The latest news of of Olympiacos basketballa few hours before the first semi-final against Monaco in the EuroLeague Final Fourconveyed by Nikos Zervas to News Bulletin 247.

Although there is interest in some local team, the Lithuanians live it. Some Maccabi friends also came, but the Olympiakos fans stand out and as time goes on the “red and white” element will become more intense. Kaunas lives to the rhythm of the Final Four and the Euroleague has been vindicated by this selection“, the team reporter initially reported.

Seeing the faces in training, Monaco reminded me of last year’s Olympiacos, with excitement and players playing for the first time in such an event. At Olympiakos they were calmer and they deal with it more correctly, everyone was waiting for Venzekov and applauded him and it shows that he manages the out-of-match situation better. We’ll see if that changes in the race. Barcelona and Real are two teams that have eaten the final four with a spoon“, he added.

And he concluded by saying:If Olympiacos puts its defense on the court, which is the best in the tournament this year, it must do its best against a team that has enough talent and doesn’t make many mistakes. James, on the other hand, is more experienced, and he doesn’t take the shots like he did in the past. Olympiakos may have to play with his mind, since he also knows that it is one of the few chances to win the trophy. Olympiakos is more experienced in basketball and can play its game, then it will be the big winner».

Source: Sport Fm

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