In the afternoon, the signings for the Panathinaikos stadium in Botanikos


Today will go down in history for Panathinaikos. In the afternoon at Athens City Hall, the signatures will drop in the final contract for the clover field on Botanical.

The municipality, a little while ago, informed with a relevant announcement about today’s appointment, at 18:30 between all the parties involved, between the mayor and the construction companies, in which will fall the signatures that will give the final “OK” for the start of the works for the construction of the green field.

As defined by the contract to be signed, the project must be completed within 36 months from today.

We remind you that the project has been undertaken by the consortium of the largest construction companies of the country, and the consortium of TERNA SA. – AKTOR A.T.E. – METKA ATE to give “flesh and bones” to the general plan of the Double Regeneration in Botanikos.

Panathinaikos, based on the schedule, will have the “key” in hand in three years at the latest, which means that in 2026 it will play its first game in its new stadium.

The announcement in detail…

The Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis, will sign the contract between the Municipality of Athens and the consortium of companies TERNA S.A. today, at 6:30 p.m. – AKTOR A.T.E. – METKA ATE for the construction of the new football stadium of Panathinaikos in the area of ​​Botanikos.

Source: Sport Fm

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