Peristeri bwin-Panathinaikos: The hosts for the reaction, the greens for the “double”


Amid Final Fourthe action continues in Basketball League.

The Pigeon bwin hosts him Panathinaikos at “Andreas Papandreou”, for the second semi-final of the competition (20/5, 19:15, ERT3).

The first match between the two ended in “green” hands, with his team Christou Serelis to “party” and drag out Peristeri bwin with a score of 101-57, in one of her best games this year. THE Panathinaikos he aspires to win the second match as well, in order to effectively end the series and look for a victory in OAKA to quickly book a ticket to the finals.

His team Vasilis Spanoulis, on the other hand, even though everyone expected her to be very competitive, she failed to show that in the first game. This time, she aspires to take advantage of her home base to show a better face and stay alive in the series.

In terms of problems, neither team will be absent, so we will see the full strength of both opponents on the court.

In summary, the numbers of their games in the Championship…

First National Team (From 1963-64): Panathinaikos – Peristeri bwin 57-15

Basketball League (Since 1992-93): Panathinaikos – Peristeri bwin 46-9

Playoff totals: Panathinaikos – Peristeri bwin 15-4

In its 28 appearances in the semi-finals of the Basket League playoffs, Panathinaikos scored…

*26 winning streaks.

*2 lost series (in 1994 3-2 by PAOK, in 2002 2-0 by Olympiacos).

*72 wins.

*20 losses.

Peristeri bwin, for its part, in its four previous appearances in the semi-finals, scored…

*Four losing streaks.

*One victory (in 2003 over Panathinaikos).

*Nine losses.

Source: Sport Fm

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