Vezenkov: “I wanted to give up, Bartzokas believed me”


Hours are counting now Olympic for the Euroleague final with Real Madrid (20/5, 20:00).

The “red and whites” after an excellent year managed to claim the trophy, which is largely due to his presence Sasha Vezenkov.

The Bulgarian forward had a magical season and was named MVP of the Euroleague. Speaking on the channel of the top European organization, he said that he was close to giving up, but he owes a lot to Olympic and the George Bartzokas for what he finally managed to achieve.

In detail what he said:

“I feel good, I feel blessed above all that I was able to share this experience with my family and with my team. When I started basketball I dreamed of this moment. All these years were full of training and difficulties. This award motivates me to keep improving and try to reach as high as possible.

When I started my EuroLeague career nothing was easy. I saw my mistakes and never tried to make excuses, even if sometimes there were excuses or someone was unfair to me. All I cared about was how to reach my goal, the highest level. There are a lot of good players, so you have to be mentally prepared that something might not go your way or your way. There are difficult times, injuries. You can’t control everything 100%. You must be mentally tough and have a short memory.

There were times when I was down and wanted to give up. Where I didn’t think I deserved what they were giving me, but I couldn’t do anything because that was my position. It’s very easy to get stressed, but I would tell my younger self “you did well not to give up and be where you are now.

Coach Bartzokas saw potential in me. Believe me. It also made my teammates trust my abilities. I owe a lot to the entire Olympiakos organization. They helped me from the beginning to perform and succeed. I try to work hard to give back to him (coach’s p.s.), what he gives me. The method is the same. God only knows what will happen, but the recipe is the same. We want the trophy. We know that all the teams want it, so if we end the year with the EuroLeague title this year, it will be something that I could not even imagine in my wildest dreams. I hope we will leave here with smiles”

Source: Sport Fm

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