Bartzokas in the locker room: “Keep your heads up, be proud of what we did”


The atmosphere was heavy in the “Zalgirio Arena” locker room. Eyes wet with tears, heads bowed in frustration at his great missed opportunity Olympiakou in the final of the Euroleague. THE George Bartzokas addressing his players after the defeat to Real he declared that he was proud of them and the effort they put in and called on them to keep their heads up.

Let me express my respect to you for the effort you have put in all season. It was a fantastic season for us. It was a great team. We were leading the whole race in the final but some details were against us at the end to lose the race. In my opinion, the effort is painful and unbearable to realize it. But that’s the sport, that’s the basketball. You always learn from something like this“, the coach of Olympiakos initially said and added:

From my side, even today, in the semi-final, throughout the season and in all the crucial moments of the season, you showed that you are a team, that you are amazing teammates. You sacrificed yourself for the team. And the entire club organization is thankful for that. I know it’s hard to say right now, but we have one more title coming up in about a month from now. Once again we will stand together. Our team will be united to fight to the end and get what we deserve. Listen, do me a favor: keep your head down! Let us be proud of what we have achieved this year. Heads up. Be proud of yourselves. Let’s go!».

Source: Sport Fm

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