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Deaf: “It is difficult to find the players we need”


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For a lack of quality that is difficult to correct at the moment he spoke Stergios Koufos after defeat of Hercules by Apollon Patras (81-82).

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«I want to congratulate the opposing side for its victory. In order to get the victories we want, we must first become a family. Iraklis has a huge movement of people and I recognize that he supports the team a lot, but they should help each other. Otherwise, we will rely on the good days of the children and being lucky in some games. The children are very tired from the constant games and we have no room for rest. We also have injuries that concern us“, Stressed the coach of Hercules and added:

«It is clear that we have a shortage of quality players, but at this time it is difficult to find players who will make a difference, as they either have a team or will need a long period of adjustment. We are looking for, but we have not yet found players as we want them. We are looking for a combo guard, who can score and can relieve Douglas, allowing us to leave him on the bench for a while. We also want a “half tall” with a good long shot, for the team to rise in quality».

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