A basketball player in Montenegro complains that he has not been paid for five months


Serious complaints from a young basketball player in Montenegro.

The 23-year-old Elijah Williamswho was competing in Decicsaid he has been unpaid for five months, has no home in the Balkan country, and does not have enough money to return to the US.

What he said in detail:

“I came here with another American, Donnie Tillman. We were not paid immediately. We didn’t have the necessary equipment for training. Then Tillman got hurt and the president said he was going to stop paying him, so he came home and I was left here all by myself. I haven’t been paid in five months. My salary is 1,100 euros per month. Tillman was getting 500. It is very difficult to live on 500 euros. I don’t even have money for the basics. I’m out of money for food. I borrowed 20 euros.

I have not received anything from my salary. I didn’t even have a place to stay. I kept texting the group president. At first he answered me and said that I will get my money. Then he blocked me. I am waiting for a clear answer, to see if I can go home.

It’s a very difficult situation. I am in a foreign country, where I don’t speak the language. I do not know what to do. I don’t have any more money. For now I live in Podgorica with some friends from the football team. They host me, awesome guys. They helped me and now they are like family to me. They just didn’t help me. They saved me. They do their best for me. Anyway, right now, I’d give anything to be able to go home.”

Source: Sport Fm

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