Bratsos: “AEK is superior on a competitive and psychological level, but the final starts from scratch”


In its competitive and psychological dynamics AEK against him PAOKbut also to the fact that the final starts from scratch, mentioned o Kostas Bratsos!

His technician Volos he gave an interview to the radio station Metropolis 95.5 and spoke about the final of the Novibet Hellenic Cup, the Greek coaches, but also in the case of Yiannis Constantelias.

In detail what Costas Bratsos said:

For the Greek coaches:You adapt and respond to situations such as the flight of some footballers to larger teams. I don’t feel like the most wronged coach. The team is making progress, ticket revenue is up and overall the year for the team has been successful.

The Greek coaches are remarkable and modern and have nothing to envy from the Europeans. And this applies to both Greek football players and Greek referees. The Greek league is a league that has the esteem of Europe, trust must be given to the Greek coaches, footballers and referees».

For the Novibet Hellenic Cup final:The final is a special game and it doesn’t always matter who is the favorite or what state a team is in. AEK excels at the competitive level, at the psychological level and in terms of the roster.

But because it is final, for me it starts from scratch. Once the referee blows the whistle, the delivery and the rest are out.

AEK, due to its psychology, will press to an even greater extent. PAOK builds its game from the goalkeeper, AEK does not leave this thing to the opponent. Tactics, detail and the coaches’ choices will play their part».

For Yiannis Constantelias:Performance analysis is part of the football process, once Giannis took consecutive games he would become the subject of team analysis. But how the rest of the team feeds him also plays a role».

Source: Sport Fm

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