Special award for Curry


Champion for his attitude beyond his NBA performance Steph Curry emerged early in the morning.

The Warriors star awarded the special “justice” award named after Kareem Abdul Jabbarfor his dedication to the pursuit of social justice and furthering Abdul Jabbar’s life’s mission, which aimed to empower and advance equality for individuals and groups who are constantly marginalized.

Curry is leading the fight for equality by creating access to opportunities after serving as chair of former first lady Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote initiative. The popular basketball player is using social media to promote voter registration, education and election participation, most recently in the 2022 election season.

Steph Curry is also trying to raise awareness about security issues, such as when the Warriors visited the White House in 2023 to speak directly with President Biden and participate in a White House press briefing led by coach Steve Kerr, who publicly participated in addressing this issue.

Source: Sport Fm

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