Chiellini called Pudge a “clown” for celebrating a la… Messi


Oi Galaxy were the big winners in the Los Angeles derby by prevailing 2-0 of the team of the same name away from home and sealing qualification to the next phase of the Cup, with the former Barcelona footballer, Ricky Pudge to score a beautiful goal which reminded… Lionel Messi.

However, the 23-year-old Catalan midfielder, after achieving the goal, did not limit himself to that after he celebrated in the characteristic way of “Pulga” by taking off his shirt to show the audience his name and number, as the Argentine super had done star in 2017 at the “Santiago Bernabeu”.

This move seems to have bothered the Los Angeles FC central defender, Giorgio Chielliniwho disarmingly “detonated” Pudge.

In particular, the experienced Italian, passing in front of the point of the mixed zone as the young midfielder gave statements, exclaimed the word “clown” with the ace of the Galaxy not flinching.

In fact, this specific celebration seems to have also angered the fans of Los Angeles FC who, when they saw this move, were quick to “decorate” Pudge with many beautiful adjectives.

Source: Sport Fm

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