Olympiacos: The news of the season with the slogan “Wings on the feet”-Karapapas: “This year’s bracket”


With a tagline taken from the team’s first anthem, the “Wings on the feet, heart in the chest, which gave triumphs like fairy tales“, PAE Olympiacos presented the fixtures for the new season. These are priced from 100 to 3,200 euros, providing privileges for discounts to fans who will secure their place in the “G. Karaiskakis” for the new season.

Season tickets will be available in two periods, from May 26 to June 21 will be the renewal period, while the second will begin on June 22 for all other positions. See prices per port:

The vice president of PAE, Kostas Karapapasspoke of a gap year this year and emphasized that the goal is an immediate return to the top for Olympiakos, while also referring to the 300 titles achieved by the “red and whites”.

We look forward to next season as one that will bring new successes and glory to the club. A club that surpassed 300 titles in all sports. I want to tell all the Olympians that they should feel even more proud. It is a unique sporting achievement, achieved in the last 12-13 years that has changed the sporting history of the club. We are all proud that in this last phase there is participation of Mr. Marinakis in more than 125 titles of them, namely in football and Amateur“, he emphasized and added:

We aspire to return to our natural position. This year was a gap year. What we chose as a motto are words from our team’s first hymn. All of us have associated memories with these words and it is an emotional turn and note that is necessary to start the new season with passion and love. Olympiacos needs its people the most in difficult times. Together we will turn our words into action and conquer the peaks we want again».

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