Kurtic: “I’m proud of what I did at PAOK, the way I’m leaving doesn’t make me happy”


He sent his farewell message to PAOK through statements he made after the Novibet Hellenic Cup final. Yasmin Kurtic.

The Slovenian midfielder expressed his disappointment at the defeat by AEK, emphasized that he feels proud of what he has achieved while wearing the shirt of the “Double Head of the North”, said that the way the “divorce” is coming does not make him happy, while he closed by thanking people of PAOK for the support he offered him.

What the Slovenian midfielder said in detail:

“What I can say is that losing this Cup hurts me a lot more because I know we deserved more. What can I say; I want to say a big thank you to everyone in the world of the team, because from the first day they showed me that they wanted me. They showed me respect.”

“It’s hard for me, but sometimes in life you have to take a few steps forward in your career and move on. I am really proud of what I did and I can say that when I came to PAOK, it was the best step I took in my career. Ending this way doesn’t make me happy. I wanted to finish in a different way, but that’s life in football and you have to be ready for everything. I want to say thank you to everyone and especially to our world”.

Kurtic joined PAOK in 2021, counting from then 63 appearances, 21 goals and 4 assists.

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Source: Sport Fm

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