Elite League: TV and online Final 4


From the EEC YouTube channel, as well as from the networks with which the federation has cooperated throughout the season, the Final 4 of the Eric Dunan Elite League will be broadcast next weekend, which will decide the two promotion tickets to the Basket League as well as the champion .

The announcement:

The Elite League Errikos Dunan reached every corner of Greece (and not only) with an image during the regular season and the playoffs. The climax of the season, with the Final 4 taking place next weekend at the Liosion Olympic Center, could not be an exception.

Saturday’s two semifinals, Psychiko-Triton (4:30 p.m.) and Marousi-Panerythraikos (7:15 p.m.), which will give the two winners promotion to the Basket League, as well as Sunday’s big (3:45 p.m.) and small final (13:00), will be televised by the federation’s partner networks, but also online by the EEC YouTube channel.

In particular, the four matches will be broadcast live by Ionian TV, Epiros TV, Ena Channel (Eastern Macedonia), Aeolos TV (Lesvos), KOS TV (Kos) and Attica TV (Athens). The Star of Central Greece (Lamia) will broadcast live the first semi-final and both finals, as well as taping the second semi-final on Saturday at 21:45. TV 100 (Thessaloniki) will broadcast live only the grand final on Sunday, Notos TV will broadcast live the two matches on Sunday, while Flash (Western Macedonia/Kozani) will broadcast the matches of both days on tape.

Source: Sport Fm

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