Rapid developments in Iraklis: Kougias and Papadopoulos retire – Evgeniou also leaves!


In uncharted waters walks again Hercules after the acquittal of Bogdan Mara by the Arbitration Court of the EPO!

With an announcement issued by the PAE of the Thessaloniki team, there was communication between the major shareholder, Stratos Evgeniou, together with Alexis Kougia and Tom Papadopoulos, during which his immediate departure was announced.

In fact, the last two decided in turn to withdraw their own interest in the majority package of shares.

The announcement of PAE Iraklis:

“After a meeting that took place at the offices of G.S. Iraklis in Mikra with the presence of the major shareholder of P.O.T. Iraklis Stratos Evgeniou, the president of the General Assembly. Iraklis Fotios Theou and Alexios Kougias and after communication with the attorneys representing former football players it was decided:

After the disastrous decision for P.O.T. Hercules, which justified the footballer Bogtan Mara (during the tenure of Antonis Remos), the debts that will potentially arise from demands of footballers concerning previous PAE (Antonis Remos and Thodorou Papadopoulos/Spyros Papathanasakis) are untreatable.

Especially for a PAE that competes in the Super League, where the revenue does not in any case exceed 200,000 euros per year.

Stratos Eugeniou and Alexios Kougias are Greek citizens, with obvious professions and taxable income and it is impossible to cover in a legal way even demands of footballers which will be reduced from the total required amount.

Following this development, Mr. Stratos Eugeniou handed over the shares of P.O.T. Hercules in G.S. Heraklis and to Photios Theos, expressly stating that he no longer deals with PAE P.O.T. Hercules in any capacity.

After this position of Stratos Evgeniou, Alexios Kougias stated that both he and Tom Papadopoulos withdraw any interest in the purchase of 66% of the shares of PAE P.O.T. Hercules”.

Source: Sport Fm

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