Klopp: “There is no way Salah will leave, he loves being here”


This season was disastrous on all “fronts” for the Liverpool.

His team Jurgen Kloppwho last year almost got… everything, this year he was left out of all the goals, after he only got the Community Shield, while he also lost the top four in the league, which means that next year he will not play in the Champions League.

The season was so bad, that Mohamed Salah felt the need to apologize to the friends of the “reds” via twitter, with many worried that this post was the Egyptian’s farewell message after this year’s failure.

Nevertheless, Mr Steal “lowered the tone”, stressing that the “Pharaoh” has absolutely no intention of leaving his beloved Liverpool, and will remain at Anfield next season.

In detail what he said:

“Don’t worry, there is no way Salah will leave. I can’t find anything that could lead in that direction. Mo obviously loves being here and is a key part of the team. He said sorry for what “we” did – not sorry for “what the other players did, but I had to play with them”. Nothing to do with. Everything is fine.

If a player ever came to me and said: “we didn’t qualify for the Champions League, I have to leave”, I would take him to the other team myself. I’d take the key and say, “Get in the car, where do you want to go? I’ll drive you.” That would be something I could never understand. It’s like saying: “We didn’t qualify for the Champions League and I have to work in the Champions League, so I’m leaving.” I’m responsible for this mess, or whatever, so I can’t just walk away in these moments.

That doesn’t happen with Salah, and no one else asked me. They ask if they can have more holidays, but no one asks me if after the holidays they have to go back. That was not in our discussions.”

Source: Sport Fm

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