Poget: “Fortounis did not fit into the racing plans”


The reasoning behind his decision not to invite him Kostas Fortunis in the upcoming matches of the Euro 2024 qualifiers against Ireland (home) and France (away) tried to analyze Gustavo Pogetwithout being completely clear.

I spoke to him before announcing the calls. It was the hardest phone call I’ve ever made. I explained to him that these two matches are not in my racing plans. If I called him, I would have to change the system. From 4-3-3 to play a 4-2-3-1. This does not mean that he will be absent from the next ones as well, since it will depend on the plans, possible absences and the opponent. For me, Bakasetas is untouchable, seeing the goals he has scored. Those players we have called up are the players we think we should have for those matches.“, the federal coach emphasized in a meeting, not in the form of a press conference but more of a conversation. He added that he has “… a certain philosophy that doesn’t change and the way the team prepares, it doesn’t fit into the plans. I don’t necessarily pick the best footballers, but those who fit the best and play best in their position “, but also how “… strategy and philosophy will not change to accommodate a player on the roster».

In fact, he clearly stated that the exclusion of Fortounis is not related to… extra-competitive issues and Olympiakos’ dispute with the EPO. “Nothing that has been said is true. Not for Baltako, not anything“, write down.

The Uruguayan coach also referred to other persons by name. For Konstantinos Tzolakis he mentioned that “…it is pleasing that we have several good cases of goalkeepers and we wanted to see a new kid». He also spoke about Socrates Dioudis. “I am impressed with some goalkeepers. I will always remember last June and Dioudis“, he emphasized.

About not calling him Andrea Doi he said: “We have 33-34 players in the pre-selection, Doe is in them. We’ve watched him, he’s had a year at a high level and we’ve seen him in a lot of games. We didn’t consistently see him with a partner. One he played alongside Cisse, the other with Ba, the other with Papastathopoulos. We have a picture but we felt that he is not yet ready to come in and help the team».

For aggressive and if he will have four on the calls (Pavlidis, Giakoumakis, Ioannidis and Douvikas) he said: “… we will see next week when the calls come out».

As for Manolis Saliakas, he said that “… he is on our long list, in a position (including right back) that last year we didn’t have enough options, but now we have a lot of options“, while he spoke about Yiannis Constantelias, referring to the players who impressed him: “Constantelias has impressed me. His evolution is a great and pleasant surprise».

And for him Dimitris Kolovetsio noted that “… he is a player I know from AEK. He always gives it his all and we watch him. He has not been called up but he is not finished by the National Team».

At the same time, he mentioned Sotiris Alexandropoulos. “We got permission from Sporting for him to come train with us next week. We want to see him and get to know him at this level“, he underlined.

Gustavo Poget emphasized that wants to see the crowd close to the National Team in the match against Ireland at the Opap Arena and asked for the help of the media in this direction. “For these days, let’s take off our teams’ jerseys and put on the national team’s jersey. I remember that when I came, the first derby was against Panathinaikos. It was like… war. Welcome to Greece. We want sold out, for Mbappe to come to Greece and feel the pulse and the atmosphere of the platform“, he characteristically said.

He stated that “… the matches against Ireland and France are different but our philosophy is the same, with small differences“, characterizing “the match against Ireland is very important. I can’t tell you how we’re going to play. The approach for the match against France will be a little different. The key game for us is Ireland. It is very important to go to France and get six points».

He made it clear, however, referring to Giannis Antetokounmpo’s recent statements about success and failure that “…it will not be a failure if we do not qualify for Euro 2024». As he pointed out, “We will claim the qualification, through the qualifying process. I emphasize this in every conversation with the players. We know it won’t be easy playing against France, Holland and Ireland. But we will try. If we don’t make it, there is also the March process from the Nations League. I live by results and I know that. I don’t want to have a job just to have a job. Of course we want to qualify and I want to qualify».

He expressed his concern about the small presence of Greeks in the Greek league saying: “It is disastrous that the teams do not use enough Greek footballers. It’s a problem for a federal coach. Maybe it would be a solution to play in the B teams, but that is not easy either. I hope next year we have better runs in Europe so the players can get more performances».

He repeated that “… a training center should be established, I am pushing in that direction. When Uruguay got its own sports complex, it changed the level. We have to do this. We must all do it together. Let’s all be together with the world. I want us to do things for the next day. I hope and believe that the foundations have been laid by the time I leave here. If I’ve been here tr;ia years and we don’t have a coach then the responsibility will be on me. It’s not easy but we’re trying.».

As for his own future? “I have a contract until December. We’ll see what happens after that. If we qualify then there is a renewal clause for a few more months “, concluded.

Finally, he characterized the championship as impressive and… inevitable the confrontations between the teams, but noted that they have not affected international relations and the climate in the National Team. In closing, he promised that one of his goals is to learn Greek and he has already started his effort.

Source: Sport Fm

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