Milanovic for Final-8: “I don’t feel pressure, I believe in the hearts of my players”


Optimists declared the Igor Milanovich and Dinos Gennidounias for the battle between Olympiakos and Novi Beograd in the quarter-finals of the Final-8 of the Champions League held in Belgrade.

The coach of Piraeus, who comes from the Serbian capital and last year sat on the bench of Novi, spoke at the press conference about his special relationship with the opponents and emphasized his belief in the team he manages.

I feel very good in my city, I feel very good in this pool, in this beautiful pool. I don’t feel pressure. I felt pressure in the playoffs, when we played three very nice games against Vouliagmeni and it was difficult, we had to win, get the championship and we did. During the season we had many good moments, we gave very good games, while on the other hand, we also had some bad periods, like now when we came here without our main striker. Like I said, I don’t feel pressure, we’ll do our best. We are very focused on tomorrow’s match, we prepared as best we could. Tomorrow, I believe we can play well, I believe a lot in the heart of my players and that they can win».

The leader of the “red and whites”, for his part, emphasized the enthusiasm that prevails in the whole: “In games like this, everything is important. Olympiacos has built a great tradition in the Final-6 and Final-8. Last season, we didn’t manage to qualify, it was very hard to accept that. So we’re very excited to be here, to be back. As the coach said, we have confidence in our team, we believe in the team, in our hearts, we have worked properly in the past period. Like all teams, we will give our 100%, we are ready to fight tomorrow».

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