Paris Andralas took over Progressive


He returned to Progressive and takes over the technical leadership o Paris Andralas.

THE 44 years old Greek coach three months after his departure from Diagoras Rhodes, he is the chosen one of the administration of the Korydallos team and takes over as coach, instead of Giorgos Alexopoulos who resigned a few days ago.

We remind you that Paris Andralas has recorded a significant career as a footballer with the shirt of Progressive, as he played for it for a total of eight years, while he sat on the bench again in the 2016-17 season.

The announcement in detail:

“Paris Andralas in Progressive!

Progressive is giving the reins to one of its own children, after the resignation of Giorgos Alexopoulos. Paris Andralas who has written a golden history with the maroons as a footballer but also has had an impressive career as a coach of Proo after remaining unbeaten with her for 14 matches about five years ago, is called upon to do the impossible and help Proodevtis to remain in the category. His direct collaborators are Giannis Drakonakis, Iakovos Hasapis and Panagiotis Athanasopoulos. The general leader remains Grigoris Dragazis, whose resignation was not accepted by the president. In fact, he is expected to eat a strong bell because of his dismissal in yesterday’s game with Kalamata where the assistant left a clear offside in favor of the visitors.

This year, Paris started with Diagoras Rhodes who, with a budget perhaps the smallest in the category, built a very competitive team. He has also worked as an assistant in Lamia in the super league for 3 years. Good luck Paris!!!”

Source: Sport Fm

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