Hernangomet: “I’m not thinking of returning to Europe – Scariolo is my top coach”


This year was a difficult year for him Willie Hernangometh.

The Spanish center, who was named MVP Eurobasket 2022he failed to continue his good performances in the NBA as well, as he did not find much time in their rotation New Orleans Pelicans.

Hernangometh spoke to BRAND about his disappointment that he did not compete as much as he would have liked, but emphasized that he still wishes to remain in the NBA while idolizing Sergio Scariolo.

In detail what he said:

On the fact that he came out MVP in Eurobasket but did not get time in the NBA: “The roles were completely different. There was a moment of frustration. It wasn’t because of the summer but because I showed every day and during the games that I deserved a chance. They finally decided on the rotation from the beginning of the season and it didn’t change. If I do everything I can and the situation doesn’t change, I have to do something else. That’s my mentality, to always be prepared when the opportunity comes.”

On whether he is thinking of returning to Europe: “I’m not thinking of going back to Europe. For years, I feel very comfortable in FIBA ​​basketball, it showed last summer. It’s something that I have in mind for the long term, but my motivation and my hope is to show that I can dominate in the NBA, that I can play there and be important. I’m still motivated to go to a competitive team and win an NBA title.”

On what led him to play so well at EuroBasket 2022: “Mainly because of Scariolo. He is the coach who has coached me the most. He saw me grow up, he was very strict and that helped me become a much better player. For me, Sergio is the best coach I’ve had in my career. We have a very personal relationship and I’m looking forward to playing with the national team so he can continue to coach me.”

Source: Sport Fm

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