Ronaldo: “I will stay in Saudi Arabia – It can become a top-5 league”


He denied the rumors Cristiano Ronaldo!

The prevailing rumor was that after Al Nasr’s “struggle”, which did not win any titles, the Portuguese superstar would look for the next stage of his career back in Europe.

Despite this, he stated that he has no such intentions, speaking to a channel of the Saudi Arabian league, for which he even commented that he can develop into one of the world’s top leagues.

What he said in detail:

“I am happy here, I want to continue and I will continue. In my opinion, if they continue to do the work they want to do here, for the next five years, I think the Saudi league can become one of the top-5 in the world. I will be part of your world, your culture. I’ll be here, hopefully making people enjoy it through the games, my performance and win stuff, but again, thanks for the welcome. I will try to give my best during my time here.

My expectation was a bit different to be honest. I expected to conquer something this year, but things don’t always turn out the way we think or want them to. Sometimes we need passion, consistency and persistence to achieve better things. So, I still believe that next year we will improve a lot. Let’s say that in the last 5-6 months the team has improved a lot, even in the league. All teams have improved. It takes time sometimes, but if you believe and consider it your goal, I think anything is possible.

I expected us to win something this year, but we didn’t. Next year I am really positive and convinced that things will change and we will do better. So let us believe it and work on it.”

Source: Sport Fm

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