Eugeniou: “Why should I pay the debts of Herakles? – There are many things that “stink”


For the financial situation in which Mr Hercules but he also talked about the next day of the club through the radio station Metropolis of Thessaloniki o Eugene’s army.

The major shareholder of the “old man”, a few days after his departure from the club, emphasized that the team’s debts are not due to him and for this reason he does not intend to repay them, while he made it clear that he is not going to leave permanently if he does not pay those owed to those who request them.

Read what he said:

It originally stated: “I don’t take anyone’s nonsense into account, I’m not chased by players for money. All that came from the bet went into the team’s coffers and G.S. pays obligations to players. I don’t have account restrictions like others. Those who speak, know. Not everyone can throw mud”.

While he added: “There is G.S. Hercules, should I pay the debts? They are not mine. Some people don’t want Hercules and it seems, a lot of things stink. All politicians should take their responsibilities, regardless of party”.

Regarding the team’s finances, he noted: “Iraklis is one of the teams that pay and before I leave I will have paid them all and there is a general effort to save Iraklis”.

And he underlined: “If the decision had been heard normally, he would have been vindicated, while Mr. Panagopoulos said the court was “rigged” and left. Only in this way could Hercules not be justified”.

Source: Sport Fm

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