Savvopoulos: “Palma has lost his mind – It is unthinkable that Aris will start without them”


The data regarding the case of the sale or not of Luis Palm by Mars Alexis Savvopoulos recorded via News Bulletin 247.

I’m starting to get a little tired of the Palma thing. He’s out of his mind, he wakes up and goes to sleep thinking about continuing his career. Contracted with Aris for another three years, he has a somewhat confusing situation to manage. This happens because Aris cannot find the five million euros he wants from European teams, because the player himself does not want to return to America. Certainly there is interest from Copenhagen and Anderlecht and other teams, but none can come close to the numbers. However, Palma also stated that he will be normal in the preparation“, he characteristically commented.

At the same time, the reporter of the station pointed out that we are waiting for some first moves that will show us what he has in mind Palikoutsathe his negotiation skills but also his network of contacts of, regarding the transfer targets of the “yellows”.

Savvopoulos characterized unimaginable for Ares to begin preparation and not to have a six, a winger and at least one of the two forwards that wants.

Listen to the audio:

Source: Sport Fm

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