Zervas: “Olympiacos is faithful to its plan, Panathinaikos is a question mark”


The latest news of of Olympiacos basketball in view of tonight’s first final in the Basket League against Panathinaikos in SEF, the Nikos Zervas to News Bulletin 247.

His post is certainly normal. It was a decision, which I don’t know if it was made after the Euroleague or the playoffs, but when the coach had to decide, he put forward that for safety, three centers are needed. Indeed, Bartzokas was vindicated. Kanaan is a weapon and was a good solution if Panathinaikos will apply a zone. I think we will see him again next year, although it is not certain and it will depend on the other pieces of the puzzle Slukas, Vezenkov for example,” the team’s reporter initially reported for Canaan’s Instagram post and added:

A possible departure of Sluka could force the team to get another player, as well as how many foreigners will be on the roster. If the cases we expect to see go in favor of Olympiakos, I believe Kanaan has a chance to stay as well. He will be missed for sure. Especially if Lountzis and Larentzakis don’t come forward, who looks a bit out of sorts and the rest will need to give something more».

As for tonight’s matchemphasized that “Fal, Boloboi are superior in the respective part from Panathinaikos, with Olympiakos passing the ball to the tall ones and the peripherals being able to penetrate. I don’t see anything different from the side of Olympiakos, who outperforms his plan regardless of the opponent and whether the game goes his way. In the Cup for example, he was bad in the first half and in the second half he passed with the same plan, moving the ball quickly and shooting. The question is what Panathinaikos can change in what it has done now. That’s where I think the key is».

Source: Sport Fm

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