5th International Girls Volleyball Tournament


For one more year, the city of Nafpaktos will host a wonderful youth event, the 5th International Girls’ Volleyball Tournament. The organizing committee of Omonia Nafpaktos is planning the last details and is almost ready to host groups of girls from three countries who will be hosted in the city of Nafpaktos and try to develop their sports skills.

This is a tournament that will take place in Nafpaktos on June 26-30 and is co-organized by Omonia Nafpaktos, the Region of Western Greece and the Municipality of Nafpaktos. The entire event is held under the auspices of the General Secretariat of Sports and with the approval of the Hellenic Volleyball Federation, the Union of Volleyball Associations of Peloponnese and the National Papacharalampio Stadium of Nafpaktos. The goals of the tournament are to promote the city of Nafpaktos inside and outside the borders, to spread the sport of volleyball among young people, to meet young people from Europe with different cultures and lifestyles and to have fun through sports.

This year’s event will host 8 teams, just as it happened in the two previous events, with the four being hosted in Nafpaktos for the first time. Consistent in its summer appointment, the Italian ASD Roccalumera Pallavolo from Messina, Sicily will be in the host city again this year. For the first time, Nea Salamina Famagusta will participate, coming from Cyprus. Along with the two teams that will come from Mediterranean islands, two teams from Greek islands will also participate. From Crete, the Chania Volleyball team on its first visit to Nafpaktos and Telamonas of Salamina who come to retain the champion’s scepter for the third consecutive year. From Kalamata, AO Akritas will participate for the fourth time in the five events, while for the first time in the history of the institution, GS Eleftheroupolis Kavala and Odysseus Agia Varvaras will participate. Of course, the octet will be completed by the organizing team of Omonia Nafpaktos.

The teams are in the last stage of their preparation and all of them are looking forward to meeting June 26-30 at the indoor gym of the National Papacharalampio Stadium of Nafpaktos.

Sponsors in this effort of Omonia Nafpaktos are TIHIO RACE, Hotel LEPANTO, the audio and video company DIMITRIS IOANNOU and the communication sponsor is the sports website ATHLITIKOS LOGOS (athlitikoslogos.gr).

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