Guardiola: “I had Messi in the past and now Haaland, this is my success”


THE Manchester City will face her Inter in his grand final Champions Leagueon Saturday (10/06, 22:00).

THE Pep Guardiola he spoke at the press conference and referred to the selection of good players he has next to him, which is the key to success.

“It really is a dream. But in the end, it’s a struggle. The team that will be better in 95 minutes will win. Historically Inter are bigger than us. It is not important. It is important that tomorrow at 22:00 in Istanbul we try to have the best possible performance.

I’m not here to discuss Haaland’s goal average. If you have doubts about this, you are the only person. I have no doubts, tomorrow he will be ready to help us win the Champions League.

To be successful you have to have good players. I had Messi before, Haaland now. This is my success. I’m not kidding. Let them feel that alone they cannot do it, together we are a strong team.

We have the same idea. The guys who follow me will be here, the guys who don’t follow me won’t be here. A successful coach has a strong form and good players. No coach has ever scored a goal”.

For 2021 when Chelsea stripped them of the trophy: “It’s a different game, two years later, different players. Two seasons ago what we were planning was to try and do a good game against Chelsea. Did not work. We are ready for tomorrow, the players will give everything, knowing and respecting the opponents.”

Source: Sport Fm

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