Tsakiris: “AEK must run its transfer window with the logic that Pineda is not continuing”


The latest news her AEKfor the season tickets, the team friend card and transfer matters, conveyed by George Tsakiris to News Bulletin 247.

AEK wants 3-4 transfers. Stopper, forward and a winger for starters, with an asterisk on Pineda, whether he stays or not. There has been the expected departure of the Telta manager as Mourinho (Telta chairman) moves to change the coach at the Spanish club“, the “Union” reporter initially reported and added:

Pineda will go there and we will see in the first stage if there will be a possibility of him staying in the Spanish team or not. I understand that if he goes to the first leg of the preparation, he will be asked to work together for a period of time. Pineda, for his part, will claim to have a starting position or to be a unit to be reckoned with. Of course, lately he has publicly expressed his desire to continue at AEK and to work with Pinedas again in Europe».

And he went on to say:The aim and aim is for the team to have two of the 3-4 signings in the main pre-season, the stopper and the winger or forward. It is necessary to acquire players who will make a difference, especially in the matter of the player who will cover for Pineda whose case remains to be clarified in the summer. AEK, for me, must run its transfer planning, as if Pineda does not continue in the team so that there is no problem».

Source: Sport Fm

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